Teacup Doodle Dogs


Aren’t these Teacup Doodle Dogs absolutely adorable!!!  They are so sweet and so tiny and just like little Teddy Bear Doodles.  As Teacup Goldendoodles they are estimated to only be between 7-15 lbs fully grown.  These adorable Teacup Doodle Dogs are Teacup size Goldendoodles and as precious as any mini doodle dog.  These doodle dogs are an F1B litter from a Goldendoodle Mom and a Poodle Dad; making them 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever.  Who would have thought you could get such adorable little puppies that are hypoallergenic, great with kids, and LOVE playing fetch in the backyard.  My little Teacup Doodle Dogs LOVE getting to play in the yard and we will definitely get more pictures of them playing in the future.  This litter has all been reserved for their forever families but if you’re interested in reserving a Teacup Doodle Dog for your home and family, check out our Goldendoodles on our Goldendoodle page We have Mini’s that range from 15-30 lbs, Teacups like these that range from 7-15 lbs and Toy size that range from 10-20 lbs.  We occasionally have litters of Micro Goldendoodles as well that are estimated to be between 5-10 lbs.  Check back later for more Teacup Doodle Dogs to love and play with in your family!!


Teacup Doodle Dogs are great with kids and love being held and snuggled!!  These beautiful babies are hypoallergenic and not expected to shed.  We have adorable puppies all the time whether they’re Teacup Labradoodles, or Teacup Goldendoodles.

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