Lily – F1b Mini Labradoodle Puppy

Lily – F1B Mini Labradoodle Puppy

Lily loves playing and has a very mild sweet temperament.  She enjoys playing but also tends to be more quite of the litter. She is very good with children, is very smart and has developed quickly. Her coat is very soft, has a beautiful shine and is a bit straighter with more of the labrador style coming through.  With the straighter hair it is easier  to maintain.

Our Mini Labradoodles make great pets.  They are extremely intelligent, non-shedders, and hypoallergenic as well as sensitive, loyal and affectionate.  Mini Labradoodles are estimated to be about 15-30 pounds and only 15-20 inches tall fully grown.  All of our Mini Labradoodles have litterbox training as well as crate training.  We do our best to bring you a puppy you’ll love even before bringing them home.