Rest assured your puppy will be delivered safely and in the best care!

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If you do not live within our immediate area, or you prefer to have your puppy shipped via air, we prefer that you fly in and your puppy fly back with you as your carry on under the seat. We will meet you at the Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) with a health certificate from our veterinarian that's needed for puppy flights.  You will be responsible for finding the flights, coordinating with the airline, just let us know when to meet you and we will be there.  Let us know if you plan to pick up the puppy at the airport so we can make any necessary arrangements to meet you there.  Also note that not all flights allow animals, so if you're choosing this option be sure to check with the airline that the flight home will allow puppies.

If you cannot fly in to pick up your puppy, we will fly your puppy to you via Puppy Nanny. Our preferred Puppy Nanny has her own business and website at www.PetPackers.net.  We can let her know you're planning a transport and we can pay her your deposit as well as the final cost if you choose to pay her through us.  You will still need to contact Pet Packers if you have certain times that are best for you.  She's really great and does her best to get everyone their puppies promptly.  Their charge for this service is usually around $550, and includes the airfare and all additional fees, but the cost of flights does vary so contact Pet Packers to get a final cost. To pick up your puppy at the airport you'll need your own crate to take them home in. Be sure to be on time as there is a fee for being late as they will often have a flight they will be getting back on after the delivery.  We will send the care package along with the Puppy Nanny, if you have any questions please contact us.

We don't know everything that's required for flying your puppy so be sure to coordinate with your puppy nanny or the airline your flying through.

We will ship to anywhere but flights outside of the Continental U.S. will cost more.  When you pick up your puppy at the airport, please DO NOT let the puppy out on the ground to go potty, there could be Canine Parvovirus germs on the ground.  The Puppy Nanny will make sure the puppy's needs are met including bathroom needs before you receive the puppy.  People and pets could have left germs behind on the ground, germs that your puppy could catch if you put your puppy down, so please bring puppy pads and wipes if you have a long drive home, and make sure to keep the puppy on the pads while not at home until they are fully vaccinated or until your Vet approves such.

Once you get home you can take your puppy to go potty in your secure yard where no other sick dogs have been, unlike public areas or the airport where sick dogs may have been and could have left their germs behind. Rest stops on the way home and the side of the road are NOT SAFE, any public place could have dangerous germs, so any stops on your way home, please just make sure they have a puppy pad to use!!

All our puppies are litter box trained from 4 weeks old to use pine pellets.  We will supply you with a small supply of pine pellets to leave in the yard wherever you want the puppy to use the bathroom.  Because of their training wherever you leave the pine pellets will be where they associate as their potty location.  With a little consistency on your part; potty training should be much easier!