I grew up loving animals and dogs especially.  As a little girl I had a golden retriever and he was such a sweetheart I loved him dearly!  My grandpa was a veterinarian and was always working with dogs; so I loved getting to visit him and learn all about them.  I remember sitting on his lap and him teaching me as he worked.  He taught me so much I have always been grateful for the love and respect he taught me to have for all animals.  As an adult my love of dogs grew into a love of breeding and I am passionate about my dogs and their pups!  Its only recently we've started breeding Mini Labradoodles, & Teacup Goldendoodles but we love it!!!

We've all heard people give advice to others to "follow your dreams", and it always seems important and like a very good idea - for them! But maybe not so realistic for me personally. Starting a dog breeding business most definitely fell into that category - a dream I'd like to follow but a far-fetched idea at best - until now! I've always been a very passionate person, and you may say, a bit "outside the box". I started chewing on the idea of a dog breeding business and I just couldn't stop the momentum.

With extensive research I finally decided the wonderful "doodle" was something I wanted to be a part of. In particular, I fell in love with both the Irish Doodle and the Goldendoodle. I was surprised that there are not very many F1B Doodle breeders, and believed I had found my niche.

Mini Labradoodles, Mini Goldendoodles &
Teacup Goldendoodles

Now, the hard part - how to find F1 Doodles that would give me the quality I was looking for in Utah. After much searching, I was lucky enough to find the perfect puppy to begin our program. We decided on Lucy, a Jet Black and silky Labradoodle. Lucy is everything they say about Doodles, and more. She has an amazing temperament, she is very smart, and has such a sweet gentleness about her. We couldn't be more in love with her.

Then we were lucky enough to find a Mini F1b Goldendoodle puppy to be our first Goldendoodle Mom. Maddie is a beautiful doodle that we instantly fell in love with. She is  everything we were looking for in a Goldendoodle - great coloring, great coat, and excellent temperament.  She and Lucy got along like sisters from the start and they have been best friends since.

With the love I feel for these gorgeous dogs, the help of my supportive Husband and son, it is my sincere hope and mission to have Mini Doodle Dogs produce top quality puppies for wonderful families all over the country.

We are currently located in Clinton, Utah but we can deliver puppies across the nation.  We love these adorable doodles, and we always love seeing them go to happy homes here in Utah or anywhere else. We've recently partnered with another Goodlendoodle Breeder to bring you even more doodle puppies.  Between the two of us we hope to have puppies available all throughout the year.

If you're a local to Weber or Davis Counties here in Utah, you're welcome to come by and see the puppies, just give us a call and we'll arrange a time for you to see the sweetheart puppies.  We're available anytime, just shoot us a text and I'm sure we can work something out!

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